We Will Rock EUWe Will Rock EU and... we have already started. After the intensive workshop we gave the exciting concert in the theater Variété- Muza in Koszalin on 16th April. The stage was crowded with young talents: Alexandra Gadzina – vocal, Paweł Barów- vocal, Tomasz Orłowski- trumpet, Aurelia Makarewicz -alto saxophone, Sylwia Rydzewska - alto saxophone, Kevin Kniaziuk - tenor saxophone, Dorian De Rycker - keyboards, Jeroen Huyzentruyt - guitar, Sander Claes – bass guitar, Jelle Van Giel - drums. Our creativity (the repertoire was fulfilled with our own songs) and musical engagement won the enthusiasm of the public. More about our workshop, preparation and the concert can be found on the FB page We Will Rock EU. Soon we will meet in Brussels to play the concert in GC De Maalbeek. The project is subsidized by Youth in Action European Programme.



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